Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Six days until my three bigs begin school.

I made them eggs in a basket for breakfast this morning. We're really starting to get into the routine of getting up early and eating right away. As messy as they are, though, I wonder if I should have them get dressed after breakfast, so they at least show up to school in clean clothes. Or maybe I'll make them wear bibs.

Later this morning we are going to go to the school and find their classrooms and the nearest bathrooms. If the teachers are there, we'll meet them, too. This isn't a school event, but I called last week and the receptionist said that we could come on Tuesday and look around.

We have lots of school supplies. A friend gave each of my children personalized backpacks in their favorite colors from Land's End, and when they arrived last week the kids wore them all afternoon.

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