Thursday, April 24, 2008


Snow. On April 24th. And it stuck!

I've been working on the season switch for the kids' clothing this week. Now that their drawers are full of shorts and teeshirts, it's fitting that the temperature would take another dip below freezing.

Utah weather. Craziness.....

In other news, we've been caring for the 2yo daughter of some friends whose newborn son is in the NICU. She's a sweet little thing, but after almost two weeks of having her here for most of the day, our 2yo little guy is feeling pretty out of sorts. Normally they get along well, but having her here this much is wearing on him, I think, and he's become clingy and cranky over the last day or so.

Or maybe he's just coming down with the same ear infection that's afflicted two of his siblings, so far.

In any case, he's been banished to his bed for an early nap. Hopefully he'll be happier when he gets up.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Soccer Season

Tomorrow marks a momentous day in our family--the day our three bigs begin playing soccer on our very first organized sports team. The three bigs are practically vibrating from excitement.

Today we need to purchase shin guards, cleats, water bottles, and a ball.

In my years of working as a nanny before marriage and having my own children, I spent innumerable hours transporting kids to and from soccer practices and watching them play. It quickly lost it's appeal, and I spent many years being grateful that I didn't have to spend time at the soccer fields I drove past with my small children. But now that my kids will be playing, I'm looking forward to watching them learn the game, and for them to have an outlet for their energy and competitiveness.

Time to break out the folding chairs and sunblock!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Nine Years

Nine years ago today, my dh and I promised God and each other that we would love each other till we were parted by death.

Today our life looks very different than what we expected when we slouched together on my parents' couch and planned out our future. Six children, eight job changes, five moves (one to another state), and major events in our extended family have all contributed to make our family what it is today.

When I was a new bride, I could not imagine we would lose some relationships precious to us. But perhaps that is why we hold onto each other even more, now. We now know in a very real way that nothing lasts except the grace of God by which we stand.*

So today we will celebrate our marriage and plan for the future. And we will continue to trust in the One who has proven Himself faithful, even when we are not.

*If you remember that Keith Green song, you, too, may be a child of Jesus People hippies!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Check this out

I just read one of the best blog posts I've ever read. Very convicting as I contemplate my gut reaction to being wronged, especially as it applies to my parenting.

Here's an exerpt:

I don’t go to church because I expect to be loved. I go to church to learn to love the irascible people who are called by the name Christian. This is one of the primary ways I worship Jesus. I realize that notion cuts against the grain - our cultural assumption is that we find a perfect, virtuous, loving church first, and then join it. Maybe that’s the right thing to do when we are new to the faith and need lots of nurturing, but at some point, we are supposed to become the spiritual grown-ups who can handle loving the cranks.

Come read the entire post.


Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I spoke too soon

The weather today was bizarre. First it was overcast, then it was cold and cloudy. Next came the wind, and there were some serious gusts that whistled through the windows I had left open from yesterday's beautiful, mild weather. Then came the rain, then snow, and then hail. Hail! and Snow! On tax day, for pity's sake!

My friend's new baby boy is in the NICU. My 8yo daughter, the baby and I went to go visit them in the hospital tonight, only to find that their room was empty because my friend and her dh were down in the NICU visiting their baby. When my friend did come back to her room we talked and prayed together.

I'm so grateful that none of my children have ever needed advanced medical care. Even when our preemie suprise twins were born, their lungs were fine and they were able to room in with me from the beginning. Aside from some difficulty maintaining their body temp, which we helped along by wrapping them in three receiving blankets each, they were remarkably unaffected by their early entry into the world.

Sobering, to see how quickly my plans and assumptions must be set aside.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Manic Monday

Today I am watching a friend's 2yo daughter while her baby brother makes his entrance into the world. She's a sweet little thing, and she and my 2yo guy are hilarious to watch playing together. She's an only--well, she was until today--and my little guy is number five in our family. So when they play together, she definitely directs the action.

The three bigs and I are continuing on with first grade. Reading is coming just a bit easier every day, and I'm encouraged by their progress. I am now a complete convert to the BJU curriculum. Today in math the three bigs were "writing" equations by laying out their number cards with the + and the = signs. They are really grasping concepts now, and go around the house adding together everything from their markers to the number of plates they must use to set the table for dinner.

The weather today is gorgeous--sunny and warm. I'm so happy that we seem to have finally seen the end of winter. All the kids spent time playing in the back yard, and the windows are wide open, airing out the house from the stale, closed-up months of winter.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Crunch Time

Tomorrow morning my little guy and I will be flying home to Oregon to suprise my Dad on his 60th birthday. My mom and siblings and I have been plotting for months for my visit, and we're gleefully anticipating Dad's reaction to seeing me casually meander into the room during his birthday celebration tomorrow night. He'll be meeting our little guy for the first time, so this should be a lot of fun.

Before we get on an airplane tomorrow morning, though, there are a myriad of things I need to get done. First and most importantly, I have to complete the scrapbook I'm making Dad as his birthday gift. I'm really excited about this scrapbook, which is titled "60 Reasons We Love Dad" and is a cooperative project with my seven younger siblings. Well, six of my seven younger siblings, since my youngest brother never did get me his part of the project.

I also need to:
*write a shopping list of everything DH could possible need over the next four days
*go shopping
*do laundry (tons of it)
*contact the airline and find out exactly how much stuff I can check in (bag, stroller, carseat, etc.)
*photocopy our little guy's birth certificate--so I can prove to the airline that my five month old is under the age of two.
*finalize plans to get together with my sil and her family while I'm in town
*pack--allowing for multiple changes of clothes for the little guy and me, too, in case he manages to spit/puke/poop/pee/drool on me during our flight
*write up a meal plan and a rough schedule for DH while he's caring for the kids over the next four days
*get the next two days worth of school prepped for him