Monday, April 14, 2008

Manic Monday

Today I am watching a friend's 2yo daughter while her baby brother makes his entrance into the world. She's a sweet little thing, and she and my 2yo guy are hilarious to watch playing together. She's an only--well, she was until today--and my little guy is number five in our family. So when they play together, she definitely directs the action.

The three bigs and I are continuing on with first grade. Reading is coming just a bit easier every day, and I'm encouraged by their progress. I am now a complete convert to the BJU curriculum. Today in math the three bigs were "writing" equations by laying out their number cards with the + and the = signs. They are really grasping concepts now, and go around the house adding together everything from their markers to the number of plates they must use to set the table for dinner.

The weather today is gorgeous--sunny and warm. I'm so happy that we seem to have finally seen the end of winter. All the kids spent time playing in the back yard, and the windows are wide open, airing out the house from the stale, closed-up months of winter.

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