Thursday, April 3, 2008

Crunch Time

Tomorrow morning my little guy and I will be flying home to Oregon to suprise my Dad on his 60th birthday. My mom and siblings and I have been plotting for months for my visit, and we're gleefully anticipating Dad's reaction to seeing me casually meander into the room during his birthday celebration tomorrow night. He'll be meeting our little guy for the first time, so this should be a lot of fun.

Before we get on an airplane tomorrow morning, though, there are a myriad of things I need to get done. First and most importantly, I have to complete the scrapbook I'm making Dad as his birthday gift. I'm really excited about this scrapbook, which is titled "60 Reasons We Love Dad" and is a cooperative project with my seven younger siblings. Well, six of my seven younger siblings, since my youngest brother never did get me his part of the project.

I also need to:
*write a shopping list of everything DH could possible need over the next four days
*go shopping
*do laundry (tons of it)
*contact the airline and find out exactly how much stuff I can check in (bag, stroller, carseat, etc.)
*photocopy our little guy's birth certificate--so I can prove to the airline that my five month old is under the age of two.
*finalize plans to get together with my sil and her family while I'm in town
*pack--allowing for multiple changes of clothes for the little guy and me, too, in case he manages to spit/puke/poop/pee/drool on me during our flight
*write up a meal plan and a rough schedule for DH while he's caring for the kids over the next four days
*get the next two days worth of school prepped for him

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