Thursday, April 24, 2008


Snow. On April 24th. And it stuck!

I've been working on the season switch for the kids' clothing this week. Now that their drawers are full of shorts and teeshirts, it's fitting that the temperature would take another dip below freezing.

Utah weather. Craziness.....

In other news, we've been caring for the 2yo daughter of some friends whose newborn son is in the NICU. She's a sweet little thing, but after almost two weeks of having her here for most of the day, our 2yo little guy is feeling pretty out of sorts. Normally they get along well, but having her here this much is wearing on him, I think, and he's become clingy and cranky over the last day or so.

Or maybe he's just coming down with the same ear infection that's afflicted two of his siblings, so far.

In any case, he's been banished to his bed for an early nap. Hopefully he'll be happier when he gets up.

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