Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Having a Biblical Worldview in the Voting Booth

My pastor posted an article on his blog that I agree with completely.

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Sabina's hat said...


I read your link and was a bit dissapointed. Most of the things he says we should care about I agree with (although I might arrange some of them a bit differently). I just don't see how useful it is to say: we should care about the poor, without saying how.

For example, both the Republican and Democratic Parties agree that we should care for the poor--they just think we should do it in different ways.

A similiar point can be made about almost all the other issues he brought up.

Also: you say that Christians shouldn't "buy into the...view that religion is a private matter, [with] little or nothing to do with the public arena." Two questions: do you think that the "public arena" is identical with government? And if so, surely you think there are some limits on the influence religion should have on government, so what are these?