Thursday, July 23, 2009

I'm feeling inspired

My friend Chautona has a lovely new crafting nook I'm drooling over...

I need to confront the storage nightmare hidden in the under-stairs closet, where I keep all my crafting supplies. A significant part of the issue is that other items are stored there, too, like all the vhs tapes we no longer watch, the homeschooling items we no longer use, and waaaayyyyyy too many scrapbooking supplies.

Of course, in order to keep peace and harmony in our home, I can't really work on this until dh goes out of town for at least an overnight. When I sort through this disaster, I'll need to spread out...and his blood pressure doesn't do well with that kind of mess. ;)

I'd love to have a permanent place to craft, but at this point our home doesn't have a good place for me to claim. Having the under-stairs closet space as storage is great, though, and I want to work on setting it up to be easily accessible. I'll likely need to do some ruthless sorting and tossing--not easy, given my pack rat tendencies.

One of my biggest current issues is my need for some more albums in which to put completed pages. I've got probably 2 to 3 albums worth of pages that need to be journaled and put into albums. Definitely something to plan on doing in the near future.

I have too much paper--and the shelving that I could use to store it so I can actually see what I have isn't in place. To put that in, though, I'll have to remove the bookcase that's currently in the closet, storing all my scrapbooking idea books, magazines, and leftover homeschooling materials.

Hmmm....lots to plan, lots to think about. I'll post before and after pictures when I get to the point of actually getting going on the project.


simplydar said...

Well, at least you don't have a young wizard living in that closet!

I do have a designated spot to do crafting, but I still have WAY too much stuff for it to be a productive area. Too bad we don't live closer to one another, then we could help eachother declutter!

Marsha said...

My answer to packratism is ebay. Sell it on ebay, then you don't feel as if you're throwing it away. It helps.

Stephanie Summers said...

Until you have a permanent place to do your "craft" (I had to continue the HP allusions) you are welcome to come to my house!