Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Father's Day prep

I was suprised when I looked on the calendar today and confirmed that this Sunday really is Father's Day. It crept up on me this year.

Since we have less than a week, and limited funds, I'm focusing on some attainable goals: good food, thoughtful gifts, low-stress projects.

I'll make certain to have some meat marinading on Sunday, so dh can get his grill on. I'll likely do a no-sugar version of a marinade rightly famous among our family and friends: Bob's Teriyaki, named in honor of my half-Japanese former youth leader and the pastor who married dh and I. I haven't yet attempted a sugar-free version, so this will likely be the first of several attempts to get the balance of flavors right. How we will suffer in our pursuit of perfection!

I'm going to put together a collage of photos for dh's new office space in our basement. And I'm also going to choose photos of each child and have them printed in a wallet size, and get together a new photo insert for his wallet. He's been asking for that for some time, and I just haven't gotten it together, yet.

Third Day's new album won't be released until the end of next month, so my original plan to give him that won't work. I'll have to see if anyone else has some good music out lately. Any thoughts?

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