Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The kids are registered for public school

This feels so strange, like suddenly I'm someone that I don't recognize.

Dh made this call, but I do agree with him that it's the right decision. Our kids deserve a good education, and they're not getting it right now.

Getting them registered was relatively painless. Thankfully, I could easily lay my hands on their birth certificates and immunization exemption forms. I wrote a letter to the principal explaining our concern that our kids' lack of reading skills will make it difficult for them to be in their age-appropriate grade levels, but left that call to them. I did request that our twins be put into the same classroom, so hopefully they'll do that.

The elementary schools in this area are year-round, so classes were in session today for B, C, and D tracks. Classes end for them in two weeks. Most of the month of July is summer break, and then A, B, and C tracks start back on July 28. I've requested that they not be on the D track, just so they can start sooner rather than later. My preference is B track, but I'll take A, B, or C and be content.

The school itself seems nice. The office staff were kind and helpful, both on the phone and while were were in the office. And the stack of handouts I grabbed look engaging.

I'm trying hard to be enthusiastic when talking about this with the kids. They have lots of questions, as you can imagine. I've been reassuring them that I LOVED school when I was their age--and I did. Junior high and parts of high school sucked, but elementary was mostly a good experience for me. They are excited and nervous, but we have over a month before they'll start, so I'm sure we'll have some ups and downs.

My 7yodsC has already told me a couple of times that he'll really miss me. I am glad that they're bigger, now, and not little 5yos. I can't imagine sending my 4yod to school in another year, even though he'd technically be the right age for Kindergarten.

This is all really overwhelming. We had talked about this in the past as a possibility, but dh very suddenly decided this last night. I'm still feeling somewhat whiplashed.

I was told to expect a letter from the school sometime next week, telling us what track and teachers our kids have. So I guess until then we'll just have to be patient.

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