Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I really hate feminist assumptions

Just because I am a conservative woman does not mean I don't care about women's issues. I do care--passionately. I just happen to disagree with their conclusions.

My being pro-life has nothing to do with wanting to restrict women, and everything to do with the value of each individual person.

A baby is not a punishment. Ever. A baby is ALWAYS a blessing and a gift from God, even if there are challenges to overcome or hardships to endure because of his/her existence. You can't escape the reality of that existence by killing it before it's born. He is still made in the image of God, even if he has an extra chromosone. She is still worthy of life, even if she is the result of a rape.


Renee Shaw said...

I agree!

Sabina's hat said...

I'll bite. What are the political women's issues that you care about?