Monday, March 23, 2009

Never Alone

Dh's work has required a lot of separation over the last several weeks. He's gone Monday-Friday every week, and will likely be keeping this schedule for at least another month.

I'm fortunate to have a close friend whose work schedule allows her to stay with the kids mid-week, so I can get a sanity break. And I've been very purposeful in staying connected to my women's Bible study and Wednesday small group, so I am staying in community with friends.

The nights are still somewhat lonely, but I have to admit that I like having some time on my own. I think better when it's quiet, and have been happy to be able to spend some good chunks of time in study and prayer.

God is good. I am never alone, without Him.

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Marsha said...

Nor are you ever alone with 6 children. LOL.

I'm sorry it's tough to adjust to your dh being gone so much. I wish I had any words to offer on that one. I know it would be very hard.