Monday, March 9, 2009

This has been the weekend of the dead vehicle

So, last Wednesday my Chrysler van died after small group. We had a caravan of three vehicles shuttling home me, my friend who was staying over at my place, and my six kids. Dh thought he could probably fix it pretty easily, so we just left it parked at my pastor's house until dh got back into town on Friday.

We have a back-up Toyota van but the battery was dead, and it needs to have brake work done before it can be safely driven. Plus the tags expired at the end of February and it's only insured for storage, not for driving, so completely undriveable until those issues were dealt with.

While dh was driving back from Nevada Friday afternoon, his Ford work truck started blowing blue smoke. He turned around and went back to a town to have it looked at, but they couldn't figure it out. He finally decided to just go ahead and drive back to Salt Lake and made it okay.

Saturday morning and early afternoon were eaten up by getting the Chrysler van towed back to our house and dh doing a bunch of troubleshooting. He decided we should have the dealer work on it at 3:30 in the afternoon, so I called and had it towed to the Chrysler dealer.

Sunday we didn't go to church, since we couldn't all fit in dh's truck and he wasn't feeling well. I can't drive the truck, because I'm not an employee. Dh took the truck by Jiffy Lube in the afternoon, on his way back from picking up groceries for me and the kids. Jiffy Lube discovers there's a front differential leak (whatever that means), which they can't deal with.

Dh parks his truck at home and takes a cab to the airport, where he's rented a (very nice) SUV so he can drive back to Nevada. He takes off at about 5:00 in the evening.

This morning I called the Ford dealer and had dh's truck towed there, as well as passing on dh's list of the issues and his contact info. Thankfully, dh's company will be paying for all repairs.

Then I got a call from the Chrysler dealer with a complete diagnostic and repair estimate. *faint* I note down everything and call dh at the mine site to get direction. Call back the Chrysler dealer--a couple times--to confirm exactly what and how dh wants things done. (Sometimes it's a blessing having a mechanic dh, sometimes....not so much...)

By this time, the tow truck is here for dh's truck. I go outside, chat with the driver while the little guys watch out the front window.

Then I call the Toyota dealer, arrange for the Toyota van to get towed, and confirmed the issues needing to be dealt with on email with dh.

Waiting on the tow truck for the Toyota right now....

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