Saturday, January 3, 2009


Dh finished installing our new dishwasher, and we are all very happy to have a dishwasher that's not falling to pieces.

The little guy has a fever, so I won’t be able to go to church tomorrow morning.

Dh insisted on me going to a Saturday night service so I wouldn’t be missing two weeks in a row (he’s on sound again), and found a service for me to attend at The Rock Church.

What an experience! I’m too old and married to fit in there, and even when I was young and single I would never have been cool enough, but it was still good to worship with the Body. We took communion and sang praises to our God, and if my ears are still ringing a bit, it was worth it to see God working in a new way.

From the church bulletin: Too loud? Although we try to find the perfect balance in volume each week, there isn't one, and personal preferences in this area vary widely. If the music is too loud for you, please stop by the Storefront where we have ear plugs available free of charge.

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