Monday, January 19, 2009

Dentist office victory


Six kids.
Five appointments.
Four exams.
Three year old's first visit, meltdown-free.
Two hundred dollar credit.
One happy mama.
Zero cavities.

The longer version: It went amazingly smoothly. We go to a large office, so they did three of the kids at a time. We were in and out in exactly an hour--including sitting down with the office manager to chat about insurance/payment/future plans.

L didn't cooperate with getting in the chair, so he didn't get his teeth cleaned. He did let the dentist look at his teeth, though, and they all looked good.

The four oldest all got their teeth cleaned and checked. Not a single cavity!

My dd needs to have work done on her teeth. She's got one tooth toward the front coming in really badly, and the rest of the front of her mouth doesn't have enough room. I'll be talking it over with dh. Thankfully we have dental insurance that will cover some of the cost, so this will be doable. Oh, and the office inadvertently overcharged us last year, so we have over a $200 credit with their office.

All in all, a very good dentist's visit!

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