Saturday, January 10, 2009

Fashion Bug Rocks!


I don't have a picture for today. In my album, I'll be including the tags from the two pairs of jeans I bought at Fashion Bug tonight.

I left the house late this afternoon, in search of some new jeans. With only the one pair from Old Navy, my wardrobe has been a bit on the thin side and I've had to resort to out-of-season capris and bedraggled sweats far too often.

My first stop, Lane Bryant, was a complete waste of time. It's been quite a while since I've tried to shop there, and now I remember why. Their jeans were priced at $44.50! I just can't afford that--we're not made of money! I actually got really frustrated while looking around the store, at the exorbitant prices and the snotty sales staff.

Then I went to Fashion Bug. What a great contrast! They had a sale going on their jeans, $21.50 each. I got two pairs for less than one pair would have cost me at that other place, and I love how they fit and how they look. I will definitely be shopping at Fashion Bug again! The sales staff were pleasant and helpful, and I left the store feeling appreciated as a customer and very pleased with my purchases.

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